“A fantastic follow-up that you won’t want to miss.” Better Reading on Her Time to Shine

Her Time to Shine (The Trick of the Light series #2)    

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Back cover blurb:

Sometimes serendipity comes knocking, and life leads us to the most surprising places …

While very pretty, the tiny town of Melrose isn’t where Erica thought she’d be at almost fifty. And working in a funeral home and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, while navigating her grief as a recent widow, is not how she thought her life would look either. But she’s committed to her lovely new boss, Walter, who gave her a chance when she so desperately needed it.

Erica’s friends and daughters back in Adelaide cheer her on as she discovers a genuine love for her new job, forms friendships and immerses herself in the local community. But why is she being plagued with fresh bouts of anxiety and flashes of partial memories of her brother Mark who died when she was eleven? Why is there so much about him she doesn’t know and can’t remember? And why does it feel like it’s more about her than him?

But she has to put it all aside when, despite being happy and settled, Erica is suddenly called upon to step up and face her deepest fear. If she can, what will she discover about herself and her past? And what will it mean for her future?

From Australia’s master storyteller, a tender story about finding strength and fulfilment after major upheaval, and discovering you can only outrun your true calling for so long …

"Through tender prose and beautifully complex characters, McCallum has delivered a fantastic follow-up that you won’t want to miss." Better Reading

"Another inspiring tale about finding strength and overcoming obstacles." Canberra Weekly


"This is a fabulous story to immerse yourself in and uncover some of the layers of life! Definitely a must read!" Vikki at Goodreads

"Absolutely one of her best! Great characters, well written and deeply involved." Brenda at Goodreads

"Compelling, entertaining and easy to read." Kylie at Goodreads

"This was an amazing story with some beautiful characters. A fantastic read." Tara at Goodreads



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