"The girl from Cleve may need to get used to being the centre of attention" Platform Magazine


Radio Interviews: 

Finding Hannah – Tara Nash, Radio Adelaide 101.5, 1 April 2017 Click here to listen

Standing Strong – Ashley Walsh, ABC 891 Adelaide, 3 April 2016 Click here to listen

Leap of Faith – Pat Harding, 6GS WA, 21 April 2015 Click here to listen to MP3 (30 minutes/11.8MB)


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Print & Online - reviews/articles/interviews:

Facebook live video interview with Cheryl Arkle of Better Reading on Nov 17 2017. Click here to watch.

Interview of Fiona and review of Finding Hannah by Femail.com.au. Click here to read.

Review of Finding Hannah by The Weekly Times. "Fiona McCallum writes Finding Hannah with tenderness and insight." Click here to read the review.

Review of Finding Hannah by Planet Books. "Reminiscent of “PS. I Love You”." Click here to read the review.

Finding Hannah chosen as "Book of the Week" by Gold Coast Weather and News Together. Review by Better Reading: "A moving, compassionate and uplifting read." And "At the core of this novel, though, is a tale of the kind of love that books all too often overlook: the love and support of true friends."  Click here to read the review.

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