Saving Grace (The Button Jar series #1)

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Back cover blurb:

The bestselling author of Nowhere Else and Wattle Creek brings us a story of overcoming challenges and finding your inner strength.

When Emily Oliphant married John Stratten, she thought it was the beginning of an exciting new adventure — standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the most eligible farmer in the district and pitching in to build a thriving agricultural business. Three years later, however, Emily sees her marriage for what it is — a loveless tie to a callous man.

When John’s cruelty reaches new heights, Emily is forced to move out, braving both her husband’s wrath and her mother’s glaring disapproval. With the encouragement of her new friend Barbara, Emily moves into an abandoned property and takes on the mammoth task of turning the unloved house into a home. In the process she discovers a new business venture, meets new friends and finds an inner strength she never knew she had.

Emily’s newfound confidence is soon tested, though, when the owners of the property make her a tempting offer. Will she risk everything and invest in the ramshackle house that has finally given her a sense of purpose? Or will Emily listen to the views of the community — and the voice of her mother — and go back to continue on the road more travelled?


"Well, I have to start by saying I loved this book!! I loved the characters, the friendships and the intrigue, the imagery of the beautiful countryside and of course, the touch of romance." That Book You Like

"It's an easy-to-read, lovely light-hearted story that makes you feel good." Hawke's Bay Today

"Walk, no RUN out and buy this book. What a simply delightful read!!  Fiona McCallum's newest novel, Saving Grace, should be relished with a lovely cup of tea and an afternoon full of good reading!!!" Knit Lit Kitchen Witch

“Many thanks for 'Saving Grace' what a superb read! I had to set study goals and the prize, the next chapter of Emily & Grace! Cannot wait for the #2 book of the Button Jar Series, are you able to fast forward! LOL!” Jackie G

“Hello from another of your new fans. I've just finished Saving Grace - f f fantastic Fiona, I absolutely loved it! I'll be on the hunt for your earlier books tomorrow and so looking forward to the next book in the Button Jar Series. Thank you for sharing your gift. xxZenni C

“I have just finished reading Saving Grace. For the last 2 days I haven't done anything except read! I found it so hard to put down, Loved every single minute of it. Cannot wait to follow the rest of Emily's adventure - hope it isn't to far away!! Thanks for sharing this amazing book with us.” Teags L

“Just finished reading Saving Grace and it was an absolute pleasure to read. April can't come soon enough so i can continue on reading Emily's journey.Vicki C

“Absolutely loved this novel. Hope there’s a sequel to come, would love to read Em’s next phase of her life. Have read all your previous novels, but this is a stand out. Huge fan.” Kathy  



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