"Exquisitely written and absorbing." Better Reading on Trick of the Light

Trick of the Light (The Trick of the Light series #1)  

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Back cover blurb:

The old saying goes: a problem shared is a problem halved. But what if your problem is secret?

Erica, newly widowed, is devastated to discover her venture capitalist husband left their finances in ruins. Determined to save her home while protecting her teenage daughters, she vows to get back on her feet without letting them, or anyone else, know the truth.

When her girls head off on a long-planned overseas adventure, Erica focuses on her much-loved job behind a makeup counter to keep her emotionally and financially afloat - although she is troubled by a peculiar encounter at work.

Then she loses her job, the darkness beckons and Erica's life spirals downwards, further disturbed by strange occurrences in her house. Missing objects. Stopped clocks. Noises in the night. Should she doubt her very sanity? Can she swallow her pride and make herself reach out to her friends in time? Does she have a choice?

A moving story of loss, change and self-discovery from Australia's master storyteller.

"Exquisitely written and absorbing." Better Reading

"A heart-warming book that deals sensitively with issues of loss, financial uncertainty and emotional repair." Canberra Weekly

"A deeply moving story about loss and the unexpected benefits of having to find your feet when the whole world seems to be conspiring to knock you off them." Australian Country

"Like all Fiona’s tales, it’s a book you can disappear into and come out the other end feeling contented and serene.
Passionately written and sympathetically told, it’s sincere and uplifting whilst vulnerable and sensitive.
An exploration of self discovery, hope, overhauling your future and finding it’s never too late to search for your dream." Craig, Happy Valley Books Read

"This story was exceptional." Sherryl on Goodreads


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